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…started in 2008. Its objective was to gather people and build an altar of praise & worship that will invoke the presence of God, and cause men to have an unforgettable encounter with the King.

The Holy Bible records that when Daniel prayed, God sent an angel to deliver his request, and even when the angel could not reach Daniel because ‘the prince of Persia’ waylaid him, God sent the arch-angel to intervene. However, when we praise Him, it is written that ‘God Himself inhabits the praise of His people…’ (Psalms 22:3).

He does not send angels to share the glory! The lesson is …if you could get the presence of the giver, then you have the gift!

In realization of the dream of this project, several testimonies have been recorded to the glory of God. Join us this summer as we jointly worship our King, and Praise HIM Until Somethin’Happens!

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