In an ideal situation the Church is expected to be a place where quality music is played whilst ministering to the Lord and blessing the people.

But you and I know that in many circumstances, the story is different with lots of challenges to overcome. Few of which are:

  1. Having good Sound system but poor audio output which, many times, causes distractions to the service. Such as Microphones making noises, poor audio recordings etc.
  2. Good Musical equipment but poor instrumentalists
  3. Having people on mixing desk who are with little or no audio production knowledge.
  4. Buying expensive PA/musical instruments that do not justify their costs due to lack of proper understanding of their makes and purpose, incompatibilities between these equipment and the church acoustics, incompatibilities within the equipment themselves etc.
  5. Paying people to play in Church but then they leaving after a while, thereby setting the situation back to where it was
  6. Bad performance from the choir due to lack of vocal training, proper part grouping etc
  7. Having individual talents but lack of team play which then causes disharmony between the band and the choir.

These are just few of the identified issues; you will agree there are still MANY MORE!

To overcome these problems, we have programs tailored to meet the need of individual local parishes/assemblies. From years of experience we have been able to design a training methodology that does not just produce immediate results, but also relevant and measurable ones.

Our training covers: Music & the church, worship, Music rudiments, song writing, piano, saxophone, bass, guitar, drums & percussions, voice training and sound production.

We teach topics that are relevant and applicable to worship, and we could also do this on your Church premises so as to enable students apply the knowledge in the most effective and accurate manners. This also helps the Minister in charge/Pastor to measure improvement on the church service

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