Encourage yourself in the LORD


Just want to share my thought with you from 1 Sam 30:1-25

Life could be stressful when a burden seems heavier than we can handle. There can be times of fear when our so called ‘sense of security’ is threatened. These are times when an individual deemed so wise now needs counsel. When the strong needs help. When the physician needs healing…

Check this out. David and his guys were helping out in the military. By the time they got back the Amalekites have taken their wives and children as slaves, and grabbed every valuable stuff! ‘David and his friends wept until they had no more power to weep.’ Some blamed David, while others planned to stone him! But David encouraged himself in the LORD. Wow!

When life gets tough, we could be tempted to take it out on someone else, just like what David’s friends did. Because we’re hurting we hurt someone else. Some turn to things that give ‘short-lived ecstasy’ just for them to ‘wake up’ to a deeper depression. Some form a pity party. Some get mad at GOD. Some develop hatred for their Pastor and fellow believers. Some go back to what they already said ‘goodbye’ to. What do you turn to when challenges arise?

The real solution is to strengthen ourselves in the LORD like David did. It means to remind ourselves of what God says about us and HIS promises; and then we apply HIS truth to our current situation. It has to be intentional and persistent effort. Scriptures never promised a life without obstacles, but God gave us guarantee that HE will be always be with us. Weeping may endure, but it’s for a night, because joy comes in the morning!


Look into the scripture and see what God says about your current situation. Is it barrenness? Joblessness? Poverty? Loneliness? Sickness? Debt? Marital issues? Or overwhelmed by so many things that you don’t even know where to start? Hear this. There will never be genuine gold without fire. Those challenges are to make you better, stronger, wiser! GOD knows the way you take; and when the tests are over, you will come out as fine gold! In fact, the only reason you’re still standing is because GOD has bigger plan.


I challenge you today to encourage yourself in God’s word. And I’m praying that your joy be full in Jesus name, even as I decree unspeakable peace to your heart. I pray that God will give you the grace to be still and know that HE is GOD.

You’re lifted!

Ref: Is. 43:2; Jer.29:11, Deut. 31:8, Ps.50:15

Published by Joshua Tosh

Joshua sprung forth from a family of songwriters and singers hence his natural ability to play various musical instruments and unique gift to arrange music. Although his major instrument is the Piano; he started playing the guitar at the age of seven. Blessed to write, sing, play, arrange and produce, Joshua is able to combine traditional African groove in a modern context, displaying his versatility through gospel and jazz sounds. His gift attracts music lovers from across the world, bringing people of various backgrounds and diverse cultures together through his music. JT hosts an annual gospel Music outreach tagged PUSH! – Praise Until Something Happens. Follow JT on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

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