Be expectant


Jacob was a believer. His parents dined with God. In fact his grand-dad was the ‘father of faith’. Yet, he said ‘the LORD was here and I knew it not!’ Could it be he was so overwhelmed with his situation that he wasn’t expecting God’s move anymore? Or was he used to a particular experience that he didn’t realise God could move silently? Or could it be he was too familiar with God? Do you know we could sometime be like Jacob; being in God’s presence and we’re not aware? 

The reality is we could be so familiar with GOD that from the inner depth of our heart, we’re not expectant of HIS touch. When our services become a tradition.

Our level of expectation is reflected in our actions. I’ve seen folks make phone calls during praise worship. Some exchange greetings during prayers. Some just chat or sleep during the sermon. And when there’s a big gathering somewhere then we rush there hoping to receive from God. Have we forgotten that God may choose to do mightier things in small congregation? There could be an earthquake, followed by fire. The LORD may decide not to be in there, but then use ‘a gentle whisper’ instead.

Every appointment with God is an opportunity to have our life transformed. Whether midweek/Sunday/home cell/ personal devotion…Praise-worship/Prayer session/Announcement…God is ever present. We need to be expectant to receive from GOD. A child that wants to be carried must lift their hands.




Let’s make every second spent in God’s presence count. HE is able and willing!

You’re lifted!

Ref: 1Kg 19:12; Act 3:2; Gen 28:16; Matt. 15:8


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