Hey! it’s okay to dance in His Presence!

I don’t know why some folks feel it’s un-scriptural, un-holy or ‘canal’ to dance in God’s presence. This is part what I call ‘Doctrine-gone-south’ phenomenon. There’s time for lifting hands. Time for solemn worship. Time for clapping. And likewise for dancing. The Lord wants us to dance (Jer. 31:4) – The Psalmist says in PsContinue reading “Hey! it’s okay to dance in His Presence!”

You’re coming out better and stronger!

“Rabbi,” his disciples asked him, “why was this man born blind? Was it because of his own sins or his parents’ sins?” This is a typical assumption we make when we see someone going through challenges of life. Of course sin brings repercussions…However there’s another side to every story. There could even be many sidesContinue reading “You’re coming out better and stronger!”

Your ‘tool’ has the potential…

Hey! Have you heard of a guy called Shamgar? He was such an interesting character. At the time when Philistines were terrorizing the Israelites it was too dangerous to go to the market…roads were abandoned. However that was when this Shamgar guy went out with ‘not-too-appropriate’ weapon to attack, and ended up killing 600 philistinesContinue reading “Your ‘tool’ has the potential…”


‘…People who hang on to grudges are more likely to experience severe depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as other health conditions…’ – John Hopkins Medicine Un-forgiveness causes physical, mental and spiritual damages. It clogs the pipe that transports blessings. But when we forgive, we’re acting in obedience to God, freeing ourselves from bondage,Continue reading “Forgive…”

Thanksgiving, Praise & Worship [Singing Context: Beyond tempo]

When I ask people to differentiate between Thanksgiving, Praise & Worship, I get responses like ‘Praise and thanksgiving are fast songs and worship is the slow part’ or some say ‘I’m good with praise songs but not that good with worship’. These non-musical answers are driven by culture rather than the scripture. So let’s talkContinue reading “Thanksgiving, Praise & Worship [Singing Context: Beyond tempo]”