Let’s talk about Worship


A worship leader recently pointed my attention to some of the songs we sing in Churches nowadays. And how one in particular does not have the word Holy Spirit, Jesus, or God mentioned once throughout the whole lyrics. For some, it doesn’t really matter as long as the song is soul-lifting.

My take? Well, to start with, there’s something about the name of Jesus. Whether we preach, pray or sing the name, so much power is released such that the demons tremble and flee. We should never get tired of singing the name. Our victory is built on the name of Jesus!

Now on the other hand, the lyrics of a song by itself does not necessarily create an atmosphere of worship. The people do. As important as offering might be, even much more important is the person rendering the offering. Jesus said ‘‘these people honour me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me” We can sing and yet not worship.

What we need more than the song is a heart of worship. And of course, our attitude during worship is determined by our understanding and knowledge of GOD. While some are totally immersed in the Spirit during the time of worship, others walk round greeting and chatting with fellow brethren…and some just use the time to get busy on the phone.

Whether it’s personal or corporate, kneeling or standing, lifting of hands or bowing of heads – in any form, we must always pour out our whole inner being, with no reservation whatsoever, to the ONE who deserves it all.

You’re lifted!

Ref: Isaiah 29:13, John 4:4, Matthew 15:8, Psalm 100:2

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