A Call to serve…


When it comes to serving God in our local assembly, fellowship or group, I’ve come to identify 3 Categories of us. And of course one may disagree with my research methodology however I still think we all fall into one of these categories.

Category 1: Those who don’t belong to any service group. Someone once told me _’but I can serve without joining any department…so why do I need to join one…between God is gracious whether I serve or not…and am not up for religion. So I go to Church listen to the sermon, worship, pay my tithe and offering…God is blessing me anyways….and that’s it’_ Well thinking this way, we’ve neglected the power of synergy. Just imagine the size of a sugar cube with that of a single ant. By itself the ant would never be able to move the sugar cube. A group of ants certainly would move it to the desired destination. The realization of their goal is due to teamwork.

Category 2: Those of us who serve with impure motive. Reason for serving could be _’I want to be noticed. Pastor needs to know I have what it takes to be here …’ The challenge is we’d get frustrated at some point especially if the expectations and the purpose to which we’re serving are not met. To the extent that some of us could leave the Church because we’re not assigned a leadership role. What I call ‘Career-Progression-Approach’ to Service. We need to understand that the employment progression in God’s kingdom is not measured in this pattern. In fact one might be called for same assignment from day 1 till his last breath.

Category 3: Those who serve with genuine heart. Sincerely, only ‘The Employer’ knows those in this category. They’re called faithful servants. They’re not bothered about rendering ‘eye service’. They’re not moved by the Pastor’s promotions. This is because they’ve come to a higher understanding of who their ‘employer’ is – The Head of the Church HIMSELF – Christ.

Again we must remind ourselves that ‘being in a department’ is not the same as ’serving in a department’. Though some feel they don’t have to belong to any department in order to serve I believe there’s so much synergy in united efforts.

No one else can sing your song. No one else can decorate the sanctuary the way you do. No one can teach the children like you do…You’re so gifted! And lives depend on these things. That sister’s heart was about to be healed if only you’d serve. That brother’s need could have been met if only you’d serve. We may not appreciate the importance of our service to the Body of Christ until we see ‘The Great Employer’ face to face when He’ll be giving out rewards. May we serve faithfully and may we not miss our rewards. May our strength be renewed in Christ.

Ref: Colossians 3:23-24, Colossians 3:23, 1 Timothy 1:12, Deuteronomy 28:47-48, Matthew 20:1-24:51

You’re blessed




Published by Joshua Tosh

Joshua sprung forth from a family of songwriters and singers hence his natural ability to play various musical instruments and unique gift to arrange music. Although his major instrument is the Piano; he started playing the guitar at the age of seven. Blessed to write, sing, play, arrange and produce, Joshua is able to combine traditional African groove in a modern context, displaying his versatility through gospel and jazz sounds. His gift attracts music lovers from across the world, bringing people of various backgrounds and diverse cultures together through his music. JT hosts an annual gospel Music outreach tagged PUSH! – Praise Until Something Happens. Follow JT on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

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