It’s not over yet!

Sunbaked Mud in Desert ca. 1990s Death Valley, California, USA

The story of Lazarus is well-known to many people. That’s the guy that was dead for 4 days and then got raised up by Jesus. We know this guy was Jesus’s friend. He was also the brother of Mary who poured perfume on Jesus and wiped his feet with her hair…So we establish the family was close to Jesus.

The bible tells us that Jesus was aware that Lazarus was sick…in fact the word sent to Jesus was: ‘Lord, the one you love is sick’ – However, Jesus stayed where he was for 2 more days, by then Lazarus was already dead! The questions now are: why didn’t Jesus rush to Lazarus while he was sick, since he truly loved him? Since the LORD is all-knowing, why did he wait for Lazarus to die?

Isn’t that how you and I feel sometime when it appears God is delaying? When it appears the situation is not going to make it? And then we struggle to understand the notion that we are loved by God?

The situation is complex, but the answer is simple. God is sovereign. God performs extreme miracles. God’s ways are not ours. God’s glory is revealed in most difficult situation. God appears when we feel all hope is lost. God shows up when we have ’worked hard all night and caught nothing’*

1.31.CC.GodAtWork The good news is, the kind of testimony that ends such hopeless situation is always mind-blowing! We see similar trend in Abraham’s life. The bible refers to Abraham as God’s friend, yet God did not give him a child until he was 100! But that child, Isaac, became a game-changer in the world history

I don’t know what it is you’re going through or how long it’s been. But I know GOD loves you and HE is too faithful to fail. He is able and willing to make all things beautiful for you. You’ll soon testify!

You’re not forgotten! So it’s not over yet. You’re coming out stronger!

Ref: John 11, Gen. 18:11-15, Gen 21, Is 41:18, Luke 5




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